Hog Roast York
by Simon March 30, 2021

A Hog Roast Is Actually Good For You!

Well maybe not when you have added all the home made apple sauce, chilli sauce and BBQ sauce. Then topped this with a sage and onion stuffing, after squashing as much pork as you can onto one of our freshly baked bread rolls and lets not forget about the crispy crackling that’s a favourite with our customers and their guests.

However let us have a look at the benefits of roast pork alone.

Pork is high in vitamins and minerals which include the likes of phosphorus, selenium, and thiamine. 

We associate Beef or perhaps Lamb when we think of a meat rich in vitamin B and thiamine. However the hog roast is actually richer in both!

Also found in a rich form when we look at pork are the vitamins B6 & B12. Essential vitamins should you be considering going on the Chase any time soon, as these are essential vitamins for the brain to get working correctly ! Another important requirement of the human body is Iron, you guessed it, the hog roast supplies the human body with a high amount of Iron. This type of Iron is easily digested by the human body!

Thyroid problems? A hog roast could be your answer! As selenium is needed for the correct function of the thyroid, the pork on a hog roast sandwich will have in excess of the 100% of the recommended daily allowance.

Health Benefits of The Hog Roast

The hog provides a rich source of vitamins & minerals needed for a fully functioning body, such as Iron & Zincy. It’s well known to be a fantastic source of high-quality protein. Not processed, lean, fully-cooked pork eaten in moderation will only add benefits when included in your diet.

Research has found a number of potential health benefits associated with eating pork: 

Maintaining Muscle

The high-quality proteins in pork are complete amino acids. Perfect for creating new muscle. As we grow older, we our muscles degenrate, which is known to lead to conditions like sarcopenia — extreme muscle degeneration.

A hog roast provides high quality protein and when eaten — obviously by people with healthy lifestyles that includes exercise — can help slow down and even reverse sarcopenia. The health muscle tissue you have will also benefit as pork is know to maintain it.

Increased Muscle Performance

Carnosine is required for optimum muscle function. Carnosine is formed when your body consumes pork through the amino acid beta-alanine.

A 50-75% increasingly in the muscles carnoisine levels were found to have happened after studies when high doses of beta-alanine supplements were taken for 4–10 weeks.

Muscle performance in humans were increased and less fatigued in studies that tested high levels of carnosine.

Even if its not through a hog roast we do recommend you included some pork in your weekly diet.

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