by March 28, 2019

Catering Ideas For the Spit Roast

Catering a spit roast party can be a blast. Usually when people think of the spit, they think of a boar over an open fire somewhere in the wilderness. The reality is far from it: it is actually an excellent idea for anyone who enjoys a perfect barbecue that the whole family could enjoy and great for catering large parties or any festive event. You need to have the right meats to roast on the spit. This is very important to remember for any host who will be catering the event; if you put too small a piece of meat such as a quail, it may burn quickly. If you put too big a shank of meat, then it will only take longer to cook and you don’t want your guests to get hungry and anxious. Always keep in mind that spit roasts do take longer to cook, but they come out tasting delicious. Let us look at some meats to use.

  1. Chickens- Whole roasted chickens are delicious and great for the spit. They don’t take too long to cook and a few chickens can easily feed seven or eight people. If you plan on catering to a larger party, then they are great to start the meal off with as you
  2. A whole pig- This is very common throughout the states. A young succulent pig makes for a great tasting spit roast; the skin becomes so soft and tender and the ribs cooked to perfection. It will be a mess but delicious.
  3. Duck- Duck is a delicious fowl that tastes great. People often turn it away because of its high fat content but in reality it is the fat that makes it have such a great taste.
  4. Leg of lamb– Not so common when it comes to spit roast catering in the US but more common in Greece. Lamb has a stronger flavor and the fat gives it a perfect tenderness.

There is more spit roast catering meats that many people try these days such as bison, but since I have yet to try it I can’t give an honest opinion on it. This is an all day event that is great for catering to smaller and larger groups alike especially in the summertime.

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