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by Joe December 21, 2018

Christmas Hog Roast Time!

How a Hog Roast makes Christmas better and more manageable

So, the Christmas is every ones favourite time of the year! Everyone loves Christmas! The colourful lights, the feeling of family being together, the presents we give to our loved ones and the presents we receive from them, the warm feeling of love and happiness, the delicious food…
That is where we can help!
Our catering team knows how stressful planning, preparing, cooking, and serving can be. Especially if you are doing that for the people you love and want to impress and satisfy, the pressure rises.
Sometimes, all that food related work can be a lot of stress for the person preparing it, to the point of making Christmas hard or even ruining Christmas day completely.
There is where we jump in to help!
Our friendly, skilled and professional team here at Hog N Cracklin can cater for you on your Christmas event! We’re always on hand with the perfect food and service to make your holidays even better and even tastier than you ever thought was possible!

All our menus are tailorable to your needs however our festive Turkey menu. We prepare it all! The amazing thing is that we do not even need a kitchen provided for us! Everything our catering team needs to make the food is brought along with us.
The great thing is that we will make sure that your experience with us is the best possible and we will make sure that you and your guests remember this Christmas party forever!
All you have to do is choose whether you would love a festive turkey menu or our fantastic hog roast package. We can even serve both together in our tandem menu. You can then sit back and enjoy the process of making amazing food for your guests and loved ones! And they will be thanking you for bringing Hog N Cracklin into their lives!
Christmas time is a chilly time of the year and nothing makes you so warm like the family love and the family time together! But when it comes to food, no food keeps you warm as our infamous hog roasts and Turkeys! Once you try this delicious meal, you will never be able to forget it! Your guests will remember it forever!

Feel free to contact us and let us add a little bit of special something to your Christmas party! Merry Christmas Every One.

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