Hog Roast Skipton
by Debra March 19, 2021

Hog Roast Skipton

Hog Roast Skipton: Hog N Cracklin were booked for a wedding at the fantastic Broughton Hall in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Covering the event was one of our more experienced chefs Steve who was helped by John for the day. It was a lovely day for a wedding and the setting in Skipton could not have been better. The boys arrived nice and early in the morning and set the hog roast off cooking around 6am to be ready for a 4pm serve time.

The selected menu was the Silver. Whilst the hog was roasting creating the most wonderful aromas Steve & John prepared some lovely salads throughout the day to accompany the hog roast.

At 2:30pm one and half hours before the hog roast was to be served, the oven was turned off allowing the hog to rest. This really does make a difference to the roast on serving. All the hogs escaping juices return deep down into the hog making sure it’s extra succulent.

4pm and the hog is lifted from the oven as the crowds gather. The salads are brought to the table and the feast begins! First up is the groom Julian and his lovely new wife Dawn. After lots of swift photos the meal gets under way.

It takes around 45 minutes to serve all 104 guests and an extra 20 minutes to serve the guests who must have huge appetites to come back for seconds!

After around 20 minutes from the last serving the best man Andrew declares the deserts to be ready. The deserts look fantastic and were made by the Bride & Grooms family and friends. This was the signal for our team to start quietly packing down. The remaining pork was made into sandwiches and clingfilmed for any one requiring a nibble later in the night. A gesture which was very well received but to us just part of our service.

6:30pm the van is packed and Steve & John say there goodbyes and hit the road home. Ready for another event the following day in Wakefield.

Another day in the busy yet enjoyable life of a hog roaster. Hog Roast Skipton

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