by March 28, 2019

Operating and Cleaning a Spit Roast BBQ

Having a spit roast BBQ is a great way to cater for (and entertain) large groups of people at all sorts of functions and parties. You may have a spit roast yourself, borrowed one from family or friends, but most likely you have hired one from a catering company.

Most catering hire companies should provide you with instructions for operating and cleaning the spit roast. Otherwise you can follow these common sense instructions that we provide to our clients.

Cooking instructions:

  1. Open the spit and place a layer of aluminium foil over the drip tray, this will make the spit easier to clean afterwards.
  2. Prepare meat (e.g. clean, remove excess fat, add salt & seasoning).
  3. Fix the piece of meat by passing the shaft through the centre of each piece of meat to be cooked.
  4. Secure meat in place with forks provided.
  5. Insert shaft correctly into the rotisserie.
  6. Turn the gas on and light the gas burners with a lighter.
  7. Switch on the power to the motor and turn the motor on.
  8. After making sure the meat is rotating on the shaft correctly (i.e. not slipping), close the lid and adjust the burner knobs until the correct cooking temperature is reached (as per the temperature gauge on the front of the lid).
  9. After meat is cooked to your liking, turn of the gas bottle, turn off the gas burners and turn off the rotisserie motor.
  10. Let meat rest for 5 minutes.
  11. Remove the meat from shaft and slice.
  12. Soak the forks immediately in hot water for the best cleaning results.

It is common for catering hire companies to require a significant cleaning deposit in case you choose or forget to clean the spit as required. Here are some simple instructions to help you clean up afterwards and get your cleaning deposit back.

Cleaning instructions:

A. For best cleaning results place the forks in hot soapy water immediately after cooking.
B. Remove the drip tray and discard the aluminium foil, excess juices and fat.
C. Remove the electric motor from the end of the spit and place away from water.
D. Using warm soapy water and a soft scourer sponge, scrub down interior and exterior of the spit, as well as the shaft.
E. When the spit is clean, hose or rinse off the spit with cold water
F. Allow the spit to air dry and reassemble the machine.

Following these simple instruction will help you to have a great spit roast BBQ and successfully cater your event.

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