by April 16, 2019

The Art Of Pig Roast Catering

Deciding to have an occasion which features roasting a pig can involve many things. The size of the pig, the number of people, the type of roasting are all part of the picture. A person will have to have these answers before contacting a pig roast catering firm.

Another decision that has to be made is if the pig is to be roasted ahead of time or to be roasted on the premises. This makes a big difference in the time and personnel of the catering firm involved. There are many ways a pig can be roasted.

A very large pig is usually cooked over a continuous fire, on a spit. This spit has to be continually turned, usually by means of a small motor which is attached. However, it can also be cooked in a pit in the ground. Both of these methods take special preparation.

If a small, or suckling pig, is chosen they can be cooked on an outdoor fire pit rotisserie or on a commercial one that is located inside a building. It can also be cooked in an oven. The latter is what most catering firms use.

The suckling pig is very tender and, when properly prepared with brining, herbs, fruits and/or spices the result is delicious. One will find the meat full of flavor, tender and juicy. This is an excellent main course for any type of meal, especially when there are guests present. This type of pig usually weighs about 25 pounds.

A large pig weighs from 100 to 200 pounds so if one is planning on cooking something this size it is important that there be a lot of family and guests present to help eat it. It should also be realized that cooking something this size takes many hours. There is no doubt that whether cooked on the rotisserie, over an open fire, or in the ground, the meat is delicious but it is something that takes time.

Having a pig roast catering firm prepare this entree is the best way to go unless one wants to spend many hours making sure it turns out right. There are varying prices for this kind of service so it is always a good idea to check around. Also, not all catering firms do this kind of work, especially if one wants a pig that is cooked in the ground or requires many hours on a turning spit.

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