by April 15, 2019

The Best Accessories for Cooking With BBQ Grills

Cooking a whole pig, turkey, fish, or other game in a roasting box has many benefits. The meat is juicy, tender, and falls off the bone. Depending on the type of roasting box you use, you can cook an entire animal in 5 hours or less! You may think the grill and the animal are all you need, but accessories are important in BBQ grilling, especially when using a roasting box. These products can make your BBQ even more memorable.

Quality Gloves

Quality gloves are important for handling the pig or other animal. Consider buying insulated rubber gloves to protect your hands and prevent injury.

Natural Charcoal

When it comes to charcoal, natural is better. Charcoal usually comes in two forms, lump charcoal or briquettes. Lump charcoal is pure. It’s made from hardwood and doesn’t contain any additives. Briquettes can have additives to help them burn and some brands even have fuel added directly to the charcoal. For roasting a pig, natural lump charcoal is the best option.

Wired Meat Thermometer

A wired meat thermometer lets you connect the probe of the thermometer directly to the ham of the pig. It provides unbelievable control over the temperature of the meat, eliminating guess work. Once the probe is connected, add about 7-8 lbs of charcoal every hour until your meat reaches 187 degrees.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover

If you’ll be roasting outdoors, a heavy-duty vinyl cover will protect your roasting box from dust, dirt, and weather.

Top Grill

A top grill allows you to cook hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, and other sides while your pig is roasting.

Premium Storage Bag

If you’re going to prepare your roast the night before you grill, a premium storage bag can help you keep the meat clean and contained. Marinating the night before and then storing in a storage bag will also ensure your marinade has sufficient time before you roast. Premium storage bags are made of plastic, are usually about 90 inches long, and will hold up to 300 lbs. Look for ones that are double lined with food-safe plastic.

Brine Pump and Meat Injection System

A good marinade can create unique flavor specific to your preferences. Different marinades also allow you to achieve different results each time you use your BBQ grill. A brine pump and meat injection system will help you distribute the marinade throughout the whole pig, so that the flavor is even and delicious.

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