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by Steve December 29, 2018

Wedding catering: Hog roast vs. Self-catering

Wedding season is just around the corner. Once the cold weather ends and the days get longer, millions of people around the United Kingdom will tie the knot in ceremonies of all type. Whether big or small, couples will need to decide on how they want to cater their post-wedding party. Many people go with a classic vibe with traditional foods for their afterparty. But some more adventurous couples choose to go another route and that is catering their wedding with a hog roast.

Why chose a wedding afterparty hog roast?

Many of your guests will most likely go to one or two weddings during the spring and summer. Some of these events can be quite similar. Yet, a wedding afterparty should be unique just like the two people getting married. Therefore, having an afterparty meal that is different than all the others can show guests just how special you are.

A hog roast is a visual spectacle and guests will love the down to earth atmosphere it brings. Guests can sample antipasti and salads as they prepare to sink their teeth into a juicy piece of pork. The sides and salads are great for any vegetarian attendees, while the mouthwatering desserts on the menu are the perfect way to top off the meal.

Hog roast or self-cater?

Some couples believe catering a wedding is cheaper if they do it themselves or if a family member prepares it. That is a very common misconception. Couples need to focus on the big day and preparing food for hundreds of guests – even 10 guests – adds stress they do not need.
Family members can also add to the stress when preparing the food. Couples may need to field questions about food when they need to focus on the wedding. In addition, food quality can be poor due to family members not having professional grade catering equipment. To cater a large party, you must have space and time to do the work required. According to some self-caters, it takes an additional 10 hours on the wedding day to cook and serve the food to guests.
Moreover, the person planning and preparing the food for the reception must be incredibly organised. If catering events isn’t their job, it may be a truly awful experience once they begin work on the afterparty.

Isn’t a hog roast expensive?

The answer to this question is no. A hog roast wedding reception is not expensive and, in many cases, can be far cheaper than if a couple attempts to cater the event themselves. Hog N Cracklin, for example, has all costs and preparation calculated into price. Catering a reception yourself may not be straightforward and costs can rise quickly by one miscalculation.
A couple or family who self-caters an event also need help with running it. There need to be people available to set up the food table and lay out the items. Self-catering the event means more people will be asked to give up their time to help. You may even have to pay them, resulting in more money being spent to self-cater than to hire a hog roast company like Hog N Cracklin. See our menus

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